Marion Saurel is a producer, art director and image maker based in London and working regularly in Paris, Berlin and Geneva.

Since completing her MA in Fashion Communication at Central Saint Martins and her BA at HEAD Geneva, she has worked on various fashion, film and photography projects internationally. Her work has been shown by a variety of international broadcasters, galleries, and publications. She has also created imagery and film for a selection of relevant clients.

Previous projects have involved photography, video, book design, visual identity, motion design, mapping, interaction design, graphic design, fine arts and journalism for clients such as Strate J Campus, Payot Bookstore, Laurent Ferrier Watches, Fengarion, National Library of Geneva.

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Clients, partners and background

› Fashion in Film Festival, Producer & Art Director, London.
› Fashion in the Passage of Time, exhibition design at Central Saint Martins, in collaboration with Marketa Uhlirova & Caitlin Storrie, London.

› MA Fashion Communication & Promotion, obtained with Merit, Central Saint Martins, London.
› "Beautiful People" - Art Book, London / Paris. Published soon.
› Wet Satin Press, - graphic design for Reba Maybury's publications "Max Allen Loves Experimenting with Different Clothes " & "Sisters of Pornography". Available at Donlon Books, Central Saint Martins and Claire de Rouen. London.
› "Safia Semlali" - Art and Fashion book + photography. In collaboration with Willy Ndatila & Natasha Jha, London.
› Shoot producer and collaborator at Laurent Benaim Studio, Paris.

› BA Visual Communication. Specialised in Media and Spatial Design obtained with Distinction, HEAD Geneva, Switzerland.
› "Fucking Beautiful"- self-published magazine. Geneva / Paris / London.
› Strate J University - visual identity, internal and external communication, signage. Delemont, Switzerland.
› Payot Bookstore - motion design and mapping. Geneva, Switzerland.
› Laurent Ferrier, Luxury Watches - photography. Geneva, Switzerland.

› National Library of Geneva - Interaction Design, Geneva, Switzerland.
› "2064" - Fine Art exhibition at Maison Tavel, Geneva, Switzerland.
› Young Swiss Photography at Geneva Book Show - exhibition design. Geneva, Switzerland.

› Erasmus at Fine Art Academy of Warsaw, Poland.
› Laurent Benaim Studio, Artist assistant. Paris.

› Damien Valero Studio, artist & administrative assistant, Paris.
› Y1 & Y2 Visual Communication, Esam Design, Paris.

› Foundation degree, ESAM design, Paris.

› Brand Manager at Marblehead Brand Development.

2007 - 2009
› The Groucho Club, London.

› A Level in Economics obtained with Merit at Lycée H.Daumier. Marseille, France.